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Here’s my officially-licensed poster for The Dark Knight Rises.
It’s a 16x24 screen print on cream stock, and it will go on sale for 24 hours at 12:01am CT Wednesday the 18th of July for $40 from . It’s a timed edition, so anybody who orders within those 24 hours is guaranteed a print.
There’s also a Variant that’s a little larger (24x36) and limited to an edition of 180. It’ll be available at San Diego Comic Con booth 437.
I had a lot of fun making this one. Believe it or not, this was pretty much finished back in February and I’ve had to keep it secret for months. It’s good to finally get it out. I hope you guys dig it. 

sombhatt:Ganesh and Mushika along with mantra and yantra, late 19th century.

The King in Exile

By Chris Lennox a.k.a Crispy